Visitors from all corners of the world come to visit our spa because of the mass amount of negative ions within our spa is abundant and natural spring mineral water flows seemlessky through our whole facility.

The use of SAISEIKO (pronounced sigh-say-ko) products split atoms into smaller particles and circulate in an average of 66,000 negative ions.  As scientific research prooves that these negative ions help lift moods, alleviate depression and seasonal effective disorders, also called Winter Depression, and stimulates great cognitive activity (mental alertness and energy, less drowsiness, increased physical stamina) by increasing the flow of oxygen to your brain.

Also improves
Blood circulation 
Decrease clogged arteries 
High glucose levels 

The waters are never re-used as gallons of new, fresh, natural spring water is prepared daily. “When someone asks what makes us different, that’s exactly what we say” 

-The Management team






Ginseng Jacuzzi

Ginseng is an aromatic root used medically
which posses stimulants, tonics, and energy
giving properties.


Mugworth Steam Sauna


Dry Sauna




Mineral Mud Room


 Himilayan Crystal Salt Room


Ice Room


Fitness Room


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